Platos Preparados
Indaba Internacional S.A.
Victoriano Montes 2572
TelFax: 54 223 477 5757
7600 - Mar del Plata
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Fully hand-made product, with skinless meats of rabbit, pheasant, turkey, chicken and deer, previously degreased.
In the flavors classic or brandy, white wine or rum mushrooms. No fats or artificial colors added; 90 gr. cans.
  • TerrinasClassic pheasant terrine.
  • Pheasant  terrine with mushrooms.
  • Classic rabbit terrine.
  •  Rabbit terrine with mushrooms.
  • Classic deer terrine
  • Deer terrine with mushrooms.
  • Classic turkey terrine.
  • Turkey terrine with mushrooms.
  • Classic chicken terrine.
  • Chicken terrine with mushrooms.