Planta Procesadora

Indaba Internacional S.A.
Victoriano Montes 2572
TelFax: 54 223 477 5757
7600 - Mar del Plata
Buenos Aires - Argentina

Nuestra Empresa

Indaba Internacional SA started  its activities by exporting “Refrigerated Living Snail” by air to the European Union. The potentiality of the business led us to add the canning manufacturing, with products based on exotic meats like poultry, hunting animals and seafood.

The traditional methods used to produce each jar, their impeccable presentation and the high quality of the raw material used in their preparation, make our “Humus” products a Gourmet line.
Our canning plant is equipped with the elements of an industrial kitchen which allows us to prepare a line of “ready to eat” products, which are in great demand in present day lifestyle.

We also have a highly qualified team of workers, the required technology and a stock of raw material with integral traceability, which enables a thorough follow-up of all processed meats from the beginning of their manufacturing.

We also count with direct seafood supply, provided by one of the company’s partners from his own ships.

Our processing plant, SENASA Establishment Number 4187, counts with all the required authorizations for the exportation of our products. It also complies with the quality standards of the European Union.